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The questionnaire:

Name: Kendra
Age: 16
Birthday: 8-29
Sex: Female
Location: Maine


Color: Black
Food: Chinese
Animal: Cat
Bands: Evanescence, Linkin Park
Movies: Thirteen
Actor: Jim Carrey
Actress: Julia Roberts
Childhood Experience: When I ran away.
Quote: "She strikes a pose, but dies inside nobody knows she's a beautiful suicide."
Memory(ies): When me and my friend stripped at one of the football games.


Capital Punishment: I'm not really sure.
Abortion: I think it's horrible, to kill a child. I mean honestly, if you screwed up why kill the child? If you got raped, than it's really not the kids fault. Why not put it up for adoption? Or you could always leave it somewhere, where you know someone will find it right then.
Premarital Sex: Hey, if it feels right go for it.
Tobacco: It's disgusting, eww.
Same sex relationships: If they want to be together, let them. Who the hell cares what gender you are.
Religion: Whatever you believe in, is fine with me.
Love at First Sight: I don't really believe in that. I think you have to do know someone, before you fall in love with them.
The Homeless: I feel sorry for them. I wish there was someway I could help them.
Tattoos and Piercing: It's your body, whatever you want to do with it is cool!
Pastime Activity: Hmm... not sure.


Who do you consider your hero/heroine and why? LIZ! She's a girl I know, and she's been through so much and she's so nice and she just keeps getting stronger!! Despite of what people have done to her, she suceeds in everything she does.
What are two things you cannot stand? People who think they are better than everyone else, and people that fuck with me.
What do you think of people, in general? I think we suck, but we're great at the same time.
What makes you beautiful inside and out? I think I'm a fairly nice person, I care about people. If I hurt someone, I feel bad afterwards. Unlike a lot of people who they hurt someone and they don't care.

Picture--(minimal 3 please...maximum 10)
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