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The questionnaire:

Name: Nikki or Nicole
Age: 13
Birthday: July 19th
Sex: girl
Location: Calabasas, California (a small-ish city by LA)


Color: lavender and black
Food: whipped cream
Animal: elephants and giraffes
Bands: Green Day, Relient K, Cherry Monroe, Papa Roach, All American Rejects and the list goes on.
Movies: Pump up the Volume, The Girl Next Door, Aremgendan (yet I'm not 100% sure how to spell it haha)Heathers, The Craft and Killer Klowns From Outer Space (haha thats awesome) Theres mroe but I didn't wnat to bore you with my list. But one movie... that rules all movies... It may be stupid but tis awesome... ZOOLANDER!!!!
Actor: Johnny Depp (who doesnt love him?) Chritian Slater, Zach Braff, Ben Stiller, Vinve Vaughn and Emile Hirsch
Actress: Brittany Murphy, Nicole Kidman and Robin Tunney
Childhood Experience: I remember my first day fo school how xcited I was. And I remember meeting everyoen in teh little circle on teh rug. And I remember my first best friends name was Bryce.
Quote: "If you try somethign and don't suceed pretend you were never trying to do it in the first place."
Memory(ies): Every year this si jsut an amazing thing for me. Christmas morning. I have a big family so just the big breakfast (theres 7 of us plusmy parents) and taking turns watchign eachotehr open presents. We do it in age order and I wgo 2nd because I'm 2nd youngest. Christmas eve is cool too because we do santa thigns so that peopel dotn have to buy gifts for eveyroen and only oen perosn adn we exchange them. And we also get a new ornament every year.


Capital Punishment: I'm against it. Don't kill the murderer. Let him suffer the way the victims family has to.
Abortion: I prefer not to answer thsi because it links to teh stem cell witch linsk to cancer and that is a personal issue with me.
Premarital Sex: I don't care. Let people do what they want. I mean yea its worng if your under 18 but after that before marriage who cares. Its there fault if they get an STD. Anyways you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it now would you?
Tobacco: I hate it. ITs a filthy disguting habit that my dad does. My mom used to but thank god she quit. Its another stupid thing in thsi world that kills.
Same sex relationships: I prersonal like gay people. They are cool. I know this is stereotyping but every gay perosn I've met is an amzing person and friend to me. It doesn't matter. Is there buisness nto yours.
Religion: Thsi seems lie a simple answer but its what I've always thought. Believe what you want to believe and don't let anyoen change it.
Love at First Sight: I don't believe it. I believe that after meeting somene for awhile you can click but just seeing smeoen attractive is meerly based on physical appearence.
The Homeless: I think its sad. If you madce yourself homesless I don't feel bad. But if you were born homeless I feel selfish because I don't try mroe to help.
Tattoos and Piercing: Theyre cool. I have my ears double pierced. Getting my belly button done for my next birthday. And I already know of several tatoos I ant. My mom is 50 and just got a 6th one last year. And my sisters fiance has 2 full sleeves jsut liek my other sisters husband. Your body. You cna do what you want. =]
Pastime Activity: I personaly don't know any. I'm always bored and neve rhave anything to do. Haha. =]


Who do you consider your hero/heroine and why? My mom. This si very cliche but this is true. She paid for my sister invetro (which is a couple $1000) and shes helped my siblings go through rough relationships and money problems. Its amazing and she does this by working full time a job that woudl tke 4 poele if she got fired, a bad marriage, and cancer, Shes wonder women to me.
What are two things you cannot stand? When people hate me and think I'm a bitch before geting to knwo me. I leave a horrible first impresison ad a lot fo people are too stupid to et past that because people that knwo me think I'm cool. And I can't stand smelly people. Is jsut gross.
What do you think of people, in general? Most of them are cool. But on my fingers and toes I could count people I love and am actually close too.
What makes you beautiful inside and out? Inside- I care. I try. I'm brutaly honest. And I have a good personaltiy most the time.
Outside- I've always gotten compliments on my eyes (which I kidna like hnow there big but I don't liek tht at teh same time) and my hair. Everyone loves my hair. I honestly can't judge me on my looks because I know myself too well.

Picture--(minimal 3 please...maximum 10
I look shiny but I swear I'm not greasy tis just like lighting and the camera.

My hair looks liek its in a giant not here but its sut the wya is positon. Pinky Swear.

Again th lighting

this si right after I got my haircut/dye. I got bangs for the first itme and I like em

^hair up^
vhair downv
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